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The rise of a non-communicable disease epidemic

	author = {Lawrence Grouse},
	title = {The rise of a non-communicable disease epidemic},
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	abstract = {Prof. Bhome’s review of COPD in India provides important information and perspective about theworsening global COPD epidemic (1). The findings in India - increasing prevalence, DALYs lost,and mortality resulting from COPD, including a dramatic rise of COPD in rural, lower-incomecommunities - combine with broader trends such as the increasing recognition of biomass andother fuel use as common and powerful risk factors for COPD; the urgent need for early COPDdiagnosis to combat the progression of the disease; and links between COPD and pollution, fueluse, and global warming. Taken together, these pieces of evidence should serve as a red flag warningthat a worldwide disease epidemic is underway, whose vectors are not micro-organisms but globalhuman commerce and socio-economic practices.},
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