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Division of the intersegmental plane during thoracoscopic segmentectomy: is stapling an issue?

	author = {Amaia Ojanguren and Dominique Gossot and Agathe Seguin-Givelet},
	title = {Division of the intersegmental plane during thoracoscopic segmentectomy: is stapling an issue?},
	journal = {Journal of Thoracic Disease},
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	year = {2016},
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	abstract = {Background: Stapling is becoming the method of choice for dividing the intersegmental plane during thoracoscopic segmentectomies. The technique however is controversial as it can impair re-expansion of preserved segments. We have analyzed the morbidity and lung re-expansion on a series of 175 thoracoscopic segmentectomies.
Methods: A total of 175 patients underwent a thoracoscopic anatomic segmentectomy. Ten patients were excluded due to conversion into thoracotomy. There were 89 females (54%) and 76 males (46%). Mean age was 63 years (range, 18–83 years). Indications for segmentectomy were as follows: primary lung cancer (n=100, 61%), metastases (n=27, 16%), benign non-infectious lesions (n=20, 12%) and benign infectious lesions (n=18, 11%). The intersegmental plane was divided with an endostapler in all patients. Lung re-expansion assessment included chest roentgenograms at discharge and at one-month consultation.
Results: The overall complication rate was 17%. There were 0.6% major complications and 16% minor complications. The average duration of drainage was 3 days (range, 1–13 days) and average length of stay was 5.7 days (range, 2–22 days). At discharge and at 1-month follow-up chest radiography, incomplete lung re-expansion was observed in 12 (7.4%) and 4 patients (2.8%) respectively. Patients who underwent upper lobe segmentectomy had significantly more incomplete re-expansion at discharge and at 1-month follow-up. On univariate analysis, mean drainage duration was significantly longer in patients who underwent upper segmentectomy (mean 3.7 days; range, 1–13) than those who underwent lower segmentectomy (mean 2.7 days; range, 1–5).
Conclusions: Although stapling of the intersegmental plane most likely slightly impairs lung re-expansion, clinical and radiological consequences are minimal.},
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