Case Report

Traumatic esophageal perforation by a self bougienage

Eung-Soo Kim, Jong-Yael Kang, In-Soo Cho, Gwang-Woo Rhee


The case report describes a 75-year-old female with esophageal perforation by a self bougienage. From a decade ago, she had performed an esophageal bougienage by herself with a 70 cm long self-made bougie whenever she suffered from food impaction. On the day of the accident, she went on an outing without carrying the bougie, she pushed a broken bough into her esophagus, eventually the bough perforated her thoracic esophagus. We found some food particles in a large mediastinal abscess cavity, and the perforated esophagus was repaired by interrupted sutures and reinforced with a pedicled intercostal musculopleural flap. We report an extremely rare case of esophageal perforation by a self bougienage.

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