Case Report

Primary tracheobronchial non-Hodgkin lymphoma causing life-threatening airway obstruction: a case report

Fang-Fei Yang, Ran Gao, Yuan Miao, Xiao-Jing Yan, Gang Hou, Yan Li, Qiu-Yue Wang, Jian Kang


Primary tracheobronchial non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) is a rare tracheobronchial tumor that typically presents as an endobronchial mass and/or mucosal infiltration together with lymphadenopathy. Here we report a case of primary tracheobronchial NHL which was confirmed by histopathological analysis of the endobronchial biopsy specimens. We initially could not treat with chemotherapy because the life-threatening obstruction of the bilateral main bronchi caused by NHL. After interventional bronchoscopy involving cryotherapy, electrocautery and argon plasma coagulation to successfully alleviate airway obstruction, we were able to administer chemotherapy, which elicited a good response. This case illustrates that NHL should be considered in the differential diagnosis of central airway obstruction. Interventional bronchoscopy is an effective method to alleviate airway obstruction in primary tracheobronchial NHL and prepare the patient to receive tumor-specific chemotherapy and other treatments.

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