Case Report: iMDT Corner

A multidisciplinary team approach (MDT) is considered best practice in the treatment planning and care for patients in challenging clinical situation. It is an integrated team approach to health care in which medical and allied health care professionals consider all relevant treatment options and collaboratively develop an individual treatment and care plan for each patient.

The “iMDT” with “i’ meaning “international”, is an upgraded version by integrating the international perspectives. Different from the traditional MDT which is mainly conducted by physicians within a single hospital, the “iMDT” aims to involve all relevant international health professionals discussing options and making joint decisions about treatment and supportive care plans for the maximum benefit of patients. Embodying the core value “patient come first”, the “Case Report: iMDT Corner” column is designed as an educational window for healthcare providers.

Multidisciplinary team approach on a case of bilateral tension pneumothorax
Xiaodong Li, Xiaofen Su, Baofu Chen, Haijun Yao, Yuetian Yu, Xuefeng Leng, Qiang Lu, Chunguang Wang, Juanjuan Lei, Kurt Ruetzler, Hiran C. Fernando, Sebastien Gilbert, Yeung Ching, Pier Luigi Filosso, Jianfei Shen, Chengchu Zhu, Written on behalf of AME Thoracic Surgery Collaborative Group
Published online: 30 April 2018
A young man with progressive esophageal neoplasms
Yaxing Shen, Jianfei Shen, Kevin Phan, David Tian, Thomas A. D’Amico, Mark F. Berry, Shanda H. Blackmon, Shari L. Meyerson, Xavier Benoit D’Journo, Yi-Jen Chen, Garrett Baron, Yingyong Hou, Lijie Tan, written on behalf of AME Esophageal Cancer Collaborative Group
Published online: 28 November 2018
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