Case Report

Successful treatment of gefitinib-induced acute interstitial pneumonitis with corticosteroid and non-invasive BIPAP-ventilation

Yalei Zhang, Haihong Yang, Meiling Zhao, Jianxing He


This is the case of a 63 year-old male who was diagnosed adenocarcinoma in the left upper lung with ipsilateral malignant
pleural effusion. At diagnosis it had already spread to left pulmonary HLN (hilar lymph node) and left supraclavicular
lymph node and mediastinal lymph nodes. The patient received combined chemotherapy with bevacizumab and GP
(gemcitabine and carboplatin) for 6 courses. Disease progression on chest CT scan was recognized, daily treatment with
oral gefitinib (250 mg/day) was commenced. One week later, he was admitted under the impression of gefitinib-related
interstitial pneumonitis, gefitinib was discontinued immediately and methylprednisolone with BIPAP assisted ventilation
were used. The patient was followed up for 2 months after the start of treatment with corticosteroids and BIPAP assisted
ventilation and remained well.

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