Vol 12, Supplement 2 (October 15, 2020): Journal of Thoracic Disease (the 5th Clinical Update Sleep)

Original Article

Apnoea-hypopnoea-index comparing the 2007 and 2012 American Academy of Sleep Medicine criteria in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease/obstructive sleep apnoea overlap syndrome
Baiting He, Miral Al-Sherif, Yingxin Wu, Sean Higgins, Esther Irene Schwarz, Yuanming Luo, Azza Farag Said, Nezar Refat, Nashwa Hassan Abdel Wahab, Joerg Steier
Long-term adherence to home mechanical ventilation: a 10-year retrospective, single-centre cohort study
Omar Masoud, Michelle Ramsay, Eui-Sik Suh, Georgios Kaltsakas, Shelley Srivastava, Hina Pattani, Philip Marino, Patrick B. Murphy, Nicholas Hart, Joerg Steier
Nocturnal heart rate variability in obstructive sleep apnoea: a cross-sectional analysis of the Sleep Heart Health Study
Matteo Bradicich, Noriane A. Sievi, Fabian A. Grewe, Alessio Gasperetti, Malcolm Kohler, Esther I. Schwarz
Ultrasound assessment of upper airway dilator muscle contraction during transcutaneous electrical stimulation in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea
Miral Al-Sherif, Baiting He, Esther Irene Schwarz, Michael Cheng, Azza Farag Said, Nashwa Hassan AbdelWahab, Nezar Refat, Yuanming Luo, Deeban Ratneswaran, Joerg Steier
The value of a post-polio syndrome self-management programme
Alexandra Curtis, Jeong Su Lee, Georgios Kaltsakas, Vivian Auyeung, Simon Shaw, Nicholas Hart, Joerg Steier
Impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on sleep
Laura Pérez-Carbonell, Imran Johan Meurling, Danielle Wassermann, Valentina Gnoni, Guy Leschziner, Anna Weighall, Jason Ellis, Simon Durrant, Alanna Hare, Joerg Steier, on behalf of the BSS task force on early detection screening

Review Article

Narrative review of sleep and stroke
Laura Pérez-Carbonell, Saima Bashir
Narrative review of sleep and pulmonary hypertension
Bacon Jenny Louise, Fleming Carys, Marino Philip
Sleep disordered breathing and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a narrative review on classification, pathophysiology and clinical outcomes
Rebecca F. D’Cruz, Patrick B. Murphy, Georgios Kaltsakas
Novel modes of non-invasive ventilation in chronic respiratory failure: a narrative review
Neeraj Mukesh Shah, Rebecca F. D’Cruz, Patrick B. Murphy
Treating sleep disorders to improve blood pressure control and cardiovascular prevention: a dream come true?—a narrative review
Giuseppe Maiolino, Valeria Bisogni, Alessandro Silvani, Martino Francesco Pengo, Carolina Lombardi, Gianfranco Parati
Respiratory failure and sleep-disordered breathing in late-onset Pompe disease: a narrative review
Neeraj Mukesh Shah, Lakshya Sharma, Santhosh Ganeshamoorthy, Georgios Kaltsakas
Sleep disorder in patients with chronic liver disease: a narrative review
Neeraj Mukesh Shah, Akanksha Mimi Malhotra, Georgios Kaltsakas


Association between habitual physical activity (HPA) and sleep quality in patients with cystic fibrosis
Sarah Dietz-Terjung, Wolfgang Gruber, Sivagurunathan Sutharsan, Christoph Schöbel, Christian Taube, Margarete Olivier, Uwe Mellies, Cordula Koerner-Rettberg, Stefanie Dillenhöfer, Florian Stehling, Matthias Welsner


This supplement “the 5th Clinical Update Sleep” was commissioned by the Editorial office, Journal of Thoracic Disease without any sponsorship or funding. Joerg Steier served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the supplement.