Original Article

Clinicopathologic analysis of cardiac myxomas: Seven years’ experience with 61 patients

Ji-Gang Wang, Yu-Jun Li, Hui Liu, Ning-Ning Li, Jie Zhao, Xiao-Ming Xing


Objective: Cardiac myxomas are the most common primary neoplasms of heart. The present study was performed on the 61 cases of patients with cardiac myxoma, in order to investigate the tumors’ clinical and pathological features, and to identify the relationship between the pathological characteristics and clinical behaviors.
Methods: A total of 61 cardiac myxoma cases were analyzed and reviewed retrospectively, including the clinical presentations, physical examinations, and echocardiography, electrocardiography, and pathology documents.
Results: The total patient cohort was made up of 37 women and 24 men. The average age at diagnosis was 48.8 years in males and 51.9 years in females. The most common complaint was dyspnea (37 cases, 60.7%) and the most common sign was systolic murmur (30 cases, 49.2%). Two surface structures and three tumor cell arrangement patterns were observed, and statistical analysis revealed the surface structure was related to the cell arrangement pattern. However, neither the cell arrangement pattern nor the tumor surface structure showed a significant correlation with the clinical presentation.
Conclusions: The present study showed the pathological profiles of cardiac myxomas were not related to the clinical presentations. The results of our study indicate morphologic classifications of cardiac myxomas may not be significant for clinical practice.

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