Vol 11, Supplement 9 (May 28, 2019): Journal of Thoracic Disease


A novel air leak test using surfactant: a step forward or a bubble that will burst?
Michael Eberlein, Natalie Baldes, Servet Bölükbas
Can the robot overcome technical challenges of thoracoscopic bronchial anastomosis?
Irmina A. Elliott, Jane Yanagawa
Chemotherapy induced changes to fibrin clots properties in lung cancer: is it favorable?
Mitsuo Sato
Customizable airway stents—personalized medicine reaches the airways
Sohini Ghosh, Allen Cole Burks, Jason A. Akulian
Necessity of the heart, for lung resection
Kelli D. Salter, Bryan M. Burt
High-volume hydration for the prevention of acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery
Daniela Cardinale, Nicola Cosentino, Giancarlo Marenzi, Carlo M. Cipolla
The effectiveness of immunosuppressive cyclosporin in attenuating the progression of interstitial lung diseases
Mathew Suji Eapen, Archana Vijay Gaikwad, Isobel E. Thompson, Wenying Lu, Stephen Myers, Pawan Sharma, Sukhwinder Singh Sohal
Prevention of postoperative pulmonary complications after esophageal cancer surgery
Francisco Schlottmann, Marco G. Patti
Certification for minimally invasive thoracic surgery: is your surgeon ready?
Tyler S. Wahl, Benjamin Wei
When do gender differences begin in obstructive sleep apnea patients?
Sang-Wook Kim, Luigi Taranto-Montemurro
Postoperative saline administration following cardiac surgery: impact of high versus low-volume administration on acute kidney injury
Meletios Kanakis, Thomas Martens, Nagarajan Muthialu
Surgery for stage IIIA-N2 non-small cell lung cancer: the jury is still out!
Lawek Berzenji, Paul Beckers, Paul E. Van Schil
High-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy in immunocompromised patients: where? for whom? and when to stop?
Rémi Coudroy, Jean-Pierre Frat, Arnaud W. Thille
The posterior approach to robotic-assisted right upper lobectomy
Daniel S. Oh
The role of liposomal bupivacaine in thoracic surgery
Hassan Rayaz, E. David Bravos, Allan Gottschalk
Local control of locally advanced (N2) non-small cell lung cancer: when and how?
Byung Jo Park, Jhingook Kim
Editorial on expanded indications for robotic surgery in stage IIIA non-small cell lung cancer
Joseph D. Phillips, David J. Finley
Consensus guidelines for thoracic surgical patient management—do they represent the consensus?
Robert A. Meguid
Minimally invasive bronchial and bronchovascular sleeve resections
Servet Bölükbas, Natalie Baldes, Michael Eberlein
Intravenous sodium and chloride: not too much, not too quick, and only to healthy kidneys!
Stefano Romagnoli, Zaccaria Ricci
Locally advanced N2 non-small cell lung cancer and the robotic platform: are we asking the right question?
Jean-Marc Baste
Continuous improvement of surgical skill
Toshihiko Sato
A call for standardization of training and certification of thoracoscopic surgery for lung cancer
Erin M. Corsini, Mara B. Antonoff
Stepwise and standardized training for minimally invasive surgery for thoracic surgery trainees
Tony Makdisi, George Makdisi
Exploring the molecular and biological background of lung neuroendocrine tumours
Michele Simbolo, Vincenzo Di Noia, Ettore D’Argento, Michele Milella, Aldo Scarpa, Giampaolo Tortora, Emilio Bria, Sara Pilotto
Is there a role for upfront surgery in patients with N2 disease and good prognostic features?
Candice Lee, David A. Guel, Benny Weksler
Intercostal nerve blockade for thoracic surgery with liposomal bupivacaine: the devil is in the details
Linda W. Martin, Reza J. Mehran
Will bubbling decrease the muddling?—a promising technique to detect air leak intra-operatively
Suha Kaaki, Christopher Pysyk, Sebastien Gilbert
Improving accuracy of hilar and lobar nodal staging in non-small cell lung cancer
Juha Kauppi, Jari Räsänen
Robotic sleeve lobectomy-technically possible but is it being overused?
Rishindra M. Reddy
Percutaneous transthoracic needle biopsy of the lung in the era of precision medicine
Hitomi Sakai, Masayuki Takeda
Use of staplers and adverse events in thoracic surgery
Dragan Subotic, Aljaz Hojski, Mark Wiese, Didier Lardinois
Transection of the arterial ligament for extended mediastinal lymph node dissection by video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery: invaluable technique for the right patient
Peter T. White, Mara B. Antonoff
Dissection of the left paratracheal area is frequently missed during left side non-small cell lung cancer surgery
Gonzalo Varela, Marcelo F. Jiménez
Localization of air leaks by soap bubble
Kazuhiro Ueda
Invited editorial on “Intraoperative conversion during video-assisted thoracoscopy does not constitute a treatment failure”
Dohun Kim
Current perspective on the diagnosis of malignant pleural effusion
Jun Hyeok Lim, Jeong-Seon Ryu
Editorial on “The AvaALL Randomized Clinical Trial”
Laura Bonanno, Alberto Pavan, Giulia Pasello, Stefano Indraccolo
Editorial on “Albumin-to-fibrinogen ratio as a prognostic biomarker to predict clinical outcome of non-small cell lung cancer individuals”
Takuro Miyazaki, Takeshi Nagayasu
Time to remind old good principles
Marcin Zieliński
Does daily chest ultrasound in the postoperative period contribute to an enhanced recovery after surgery pathway for patients undergoing general thoracic surgery?
Xin Wei, Shuangjiang Li, Shan Cheng, Li Qiu, Guowei Che
Selecting therapy for small ground-glass tumors—the potential role of volumetric computed tomography scan
Xiangwen Wu, Hiran C. Fernando
Extracellular matrix proteins as circulating biomarkers for the diagnosis of non-small cell lung cancer patients
Daniela Frezzetti, Antonella De Luca, Nicola Normanno
Drug-eluting stents versus bare-metal stents for saphenous vein graft interventions
Rahman Shah, Kirstin Hesterberg
Use of plasma neutrophil gelatinas associated lipocalin level to identify critical patients with acute kidney injury that require renal replacement therapy: is it a reliable biomarker?
Jahan Porhomayon, Rukma Parthvi
Are the metabolic evaluation criteria sufficient for FDG PET/CT after chemo-radiotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer?
Cetin Ordu
Liposomal bupivacaine in minimally invasive thoracic surgery: something is rotten in the state of Denmark
Raul Caso, M. Blair Marshall

Editorial Commentary

Terlipressin or norepinephrine in septic shock: do we have the answer?
Mark D. Williams, James A. Russell
Customized airway stenting for bronchopleural fistula after pulmonary resection by interventional technique: single-center study of 148 consecutive patients
Kassem Harris
Lost in translation: do animal studies add value to the management of abdominal aortic aneurysms?
Doireann Patricia Joyce, Stewart Redmond Walsh, Tze Tec Chong, Tjun Yip Tang
The tidal volume fix?
David J. Dries, John J. Marini
Video assisted thoracoscopic surgery vs. thoracotomy for lobectomy: why are we still talking about this?
Mark Hennon, Sai Yendamuri
Toward precision medicine based on the molecular landscape of carcinoma in situ of the bronchus: is it realistic for patients with pre-invasive lung disease?
Paul Hofman
Who will suffer from hyperprogressive disease in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer treated with PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors
Motoko Tachihara, Yoshihiro Nishimura
Obstructive sleep apnea and perioperative delirium among thoracic surgery intensive care unit patients: perspective on the STOP-BANG questionnaire and postoperative outcomes
Sha’Shonda L. Revels, Brian H. Cameron, Robert B. Cameron
Culprit-only or multivessel PCI in cardiogenic shock myocardial infarction patients: simpler solutions are more likely to be correct than complex ones
Milena Soriano Marcolino, Antonio Luiz Ribeiro
Preoxygenation for tracheal intubation in critically ill patients: one technique does not fit all
Luca Cabrini, Ottavia Pallanch, Marina Pieri, Alberto Zangrillo
Recurrence in complete responders after trimodality therapy in esophageal cancer
Ilies Bouabdallah, Pascal Alexandre Thomas, Xavier Benoit D’Journo
Comparing open and closed chest surgery for early-stage lung cancer: still relevant?
Dominique Gossot
Obstructive lung disease in smokers and never smokers: further insights in patient-related approach in lung cancer understanding
Marco Alifano
Marginal gain, does it matter?
Lorenzo Rosner, Michel Gonzalez
Initial results from a randomized trial in video-assisted versus open thoracic surgery
Anton Eklund, Ulrik Sartipy
Is obstructive sleep apnea related to postoperative delirium, postoperative, coma or both?
Baiyuan Yang, Pingping Ning, Yanming Xu
Lung cancer staging: accuracy is critical
Michael A. Jantz
Novel non-pharmacological therapy to modulate the autonomic tone in patients with heart failure with pulmonary hypertension
Christophe Martinez, Tadafumi Sugimoto, Toshimitsu Tsugu, Cécile Oury, Patrizio Lancellotti
Cell therapy for acute respiratory distress syndrome patients: the START study
Fernanda Ferreira Cruz, Patricia Rieken Macedo Rocco
Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy versus metastasectomy for pulmonary metastases: guiding treatment in the oligometastatic era
Nauman H. Malik, Dana M. Keilty, Alexander V. Louie
Minimally invasive transthoracic esophagectomy: pushing the boundaries to improve surgical outcomes
Jose M. Pimiento, Jacques P. Fontaine
Tailored airway stent: the new frontiers of the endoscopic treatment of broncho-pleural fistula
Alfonso Fiorelli, Vincenzo Ferrara, Mary Bove, Mario Santini
Endoscopic vein harvest: benefits beyond (a) reasonable doubt?
Gianluca Lucchese, Omar A. Jarral
Hypoalbuminemia in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve replacement: culprit or surrogate?
Edgar Aranda-Michel, Valentino Bianco, Arman Kilic, Ibrahim Sultan
A plea for conservatism: minimally invasive sleeve resections
Herbert Decaluwé, Dirk Van Raemdonck, Paul De Leyn
Endoscopic and surgical treatment for bronchopleural fistula after major lung resection: an enduring challenge
Giacomo Cusumano, Marco Alifano, Filippo Lococo
Risk factors of post-esophagectomy-induced malnutrition
Ilies Bouabdallah, Xavier Benoit D’Journo
Stereotactic body radiation therapy versus surgery for early stage non-small cell lung cancer: clearing a path through an evolving treatment landscape
J. Isabelle Choi, Charles B. Simone II
Is a complicated VATS lung resection better than no VATS at all?—converting our stance on intraoperative conversions
Melanie Subramanian, Varun Puri
A paradox or a challenge?
Katherine M. Flegal
If you hear hoofbeats, sometimes it is actually a zebra: tumor characteristics and presentation, rather than age, should dictate assessment of esophageal neoplasms
Tamar Nobel, Daniela Molena
Access instruments for video assisted surgery: combination of mini-invasivity and universality
Giovanni De Caridi, Mafalda Massara, Raffaele Serra, Francesco Monaco, Filippo Benedetto
Editorial comments for the circular RNA circPRKCI promotion of tumor growth in lung adenocarcinoma
Metka Ravnik-Glavač, Damjan Glavač
Nature’s right ventricle—limited by design
Lucas J. Witer, Koji Takeda, Hiroo Takayama
Terlipressin as a first choice in septic shock—not yet
Daniel Lima Rocha, Fabio Tanzillo Moreira, Ary Serpa Neto
Minimally invasive esophagectomy—standard of care
June S. Peng, Steven N. Hochwald
The role of lymph node assessment along with sublobar resection is now evident, but what about the role of sublobar resection in small non-small cell lung cancer?
Masaki Anraku
Primary spontaneous pneumothorax: time for surgery at first episode?
Giuseppe Cardillo, Sara Ricciardi, Najib Rahman, Steven Walker, Nick A. Maskell
Is surgery the choice for treatment for first presentation of pneumothorax?
Taichiro Goto
Unravelling complexities of the subsolid pulmonary nodule—detection, characterization, natural history, monitoring and (future) patient management
Esther Pompe, Pim A. de Jong, Firdaus A. A. Mohamed Hoesein
Persistent pulmonary subsolid nodules: How long should they be observed until clinically relevant growth occurs?
Eui Jin Hwang, Chang Min Park
European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing and Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute breakpoints—the only point that matters in candidemia?
Farhan Fazal
Substantial imbalance that is never eliminated with propensity score matched analyses in comparing surgery to stereotactic body radiotherapy for patients with early-stage non-small cell lung cancer
Atsuya Takeda, Yuichiro Tsurugai, Naoko Sanuki
Stereotactic body radiotherapy as an alternative to metastasectomy for pulmonary oligometastasis
Yukinori Matsuo
Editorial on: “Acute kidney injury after lung cancer surgery: incidence and clinical relevance, predictors, and role of N-terminal pro B-type natriuretic peptide”
Zihao Wang, Yun Wang


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