Vol 10, No 12 (December 30, 2018): Journal of Thoracic Disease


Input-output efficiency of 20 independent research teams at State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease 2009–2016: managerial implications for elsewhere in China
Rui Bao, Hai-Shang Zhuang, Wei Peng, Ming Li, Kai-Ping Li, Lin Zhou, Tian-Qiang Liu, Xin-Wang Wang
VISTA/PD-1H: a potential target for non-small cell lung cancer immunotherapy
Juan-Manuel Hernandez-Martinez, Edgar Vergara, Zyanya Lucia Zatarain-Barrón, Feliciano Barrón-Barrón, Oscar Arrieta
Single lung ventilation in patients undergoing lobectomy
Abdurahim Aloud, Gilbert Berdine, Kenneth Nugent
Detection of epidermal growth factor receptor mutations in circulating tumor DNA: reviewing BENEFIT clinical trial
Umberto Malapelle, Luis E. Raez, Maria Jose Serrano, Christian Rolfo, International Society of Liquid Biopsies (ISLB)
Technology for new surgical aortic valve replacement: current evidence and future directions
Jeffrey Shuhaiber
Mechanical ventilation guidelines in lung lobectomy surgery and the quest to improve outcomes
Bilal Ansari, Matteo Parotto
Technology and evidence-based care enhance postoperative management of chest drains
Daniel G. French, Sebastien Gilbert
What is the best strategy for one-lung ventilation during thoracic surgery?
Bastian Grande, Michael T. Ganter
Immune checkpoint inhibitors in esophagogastric adenocarcinoma: do the results justify the hype?
Megan Greally, Geoffrey Y. Ku
You cannot assess until you measure it: using psoas index for measuring frailty
Ho Jin Kim
Is pneumonectomy still necessary?
Jean Yannis Perentes, Matthieu Zellweger, Michel Gonzalez
Upper lobe preservation in the treatment of centrally located NSCLC: one more challenge in lung-sparing surgery?
Charlotte Cohen, Daniel Pop, Taib Benkirane, Jérôme Mouroux, Jean-Philippe Berthet
Lung cancer surgery in octogenarians revisited—risk factors and survival in a long lifespan population
Wolfgang Jungraithmayr
Editorial comment on “Reimplantation of the upper lobe bronchus after lower sleeve lobectomy or bilobectomy: long-term results” by Maurizi et al.
Corinna Ludwig
N-terminal pro B-type natriuretic peptide and the risk of acute kidney injury after lung cancer surgery
Lucio Cagini, Marco Andolfi
Chest tube management in patients undergoing lobectomy
Yasushi Shintani, Soichiro Funaki, Naoko Ose, Takashi Kanou, Ryu Kanzaki, Masato Minami, Meinoshin Okumura
Perioperative care with an ultrasound device is as Michael Jordan with Scotty Pippen: at its best!
Jip Nooitgedacht, Mark Haaksma, Hugo R. W. Touw, Pieter R. Tuinman
Uniportal video-assisted thoracic surgery: twentieth anniversary
Marcello Migliore

Original Article

Diagnostic value of acid phosphatases (ACP) in differentiating reactive mesothelial cells from cancer cells in the body fluid effusions
Yun-Hui Li, Yang Wang, Xiu-Xia Chen, Bin Liang, Xue-Shan Qiu, En-Hua Wang, Guang-Ping Wu
Clinical analysis of 56 cases of simultaneous bilateral video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for bilateral synchronous multiple primary lung adenocarcinoma
Yixiang Zhang, Yuexin Wang, Changsheng Lv, Xin Shu, Jinguang Wang, Qingkai Yang
Left mediastinal node dissection after arterial ligament transection via video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for potentially advanced stage I non-small cell lung cancer
Tomoki Shibano, Hiroyoshi Tsubochi, Kenji Tetsuka, Shinichi Yamamoto, Yoshihiko Kanai, Kentaro Minegishi, Shunsuke Endo
How to prevent adverse events of vascular stapling in thoracic surgery: recommendations based on a clinical and experimental study
Nahoko Shimizu, Yugo Tanaka, Takeshi Okamoto, Takefumi Doi, Daisuke Hokka, Yoshimasa Maniwa
Novel air leak test using surfactant for lung surgery
Hee Chul Yang, Hye Young Chang
Surgical resection for advanced thymic malignancy with pulmonary hilar invasion using hemi-clamshell approach
Ayako Fujiwara, Soichiro Funaki, Naoko Ose, Takashi Kanou, Ryu Kanzaki, Masato Minami, Yasushi Shintani
Effectiveness of a 4-week rehabilitation program on endothelial function, blood vessel elasticity in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Botond Szucs, Mate Petrekanits, Janos Varga
Prognostic value of tumor solid-part size and solid-part volume in patients with clinical stage I non-small cell lung cancer
Yoshihisa Shimada, Hideyuki Furumoto, Kentaro Imai, Ryuhei Masuno, Jun Matsubayashi, Naohiro Kajiwara, Tatsuo Ohira, Norihiko Ikeda
CT features and differential diagnosis of primary pulmonary mucoepidermoid carcinoma and pulmonary adenoid cystic carcinoma
Xian Li, Wei Yi, Qingsi Zeng
Hematological indices as simple, inexpensive and practical severity markers of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome: a meta-analysis
Mindan Wu, Lingren Zhou, Ding Zhu, Tianwen Lai, Zhihua Chen, Huahao Shen
Comparison of clinical efficacy between ultra-LABAs and ultra- LAMAs in COPD: a systemic review with meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Eun Yeong Cho, Se Yong Kim, Min-Ji Kim, Seonwoo Kim, Dong Ah Park, Kwang Ha Yoo, Yong Bum Park, Yong Il Hwang, Chin Kook Rhee, Ji Ye Jung, Hyun Lee, Hye Yun Park
Radiation pneumonitis in lung cancer treated with volumetric modulated arc therapy
Kan Wu, Xiao Xu, Xiadong Li, Jiahao Wang, Lucheng Zhu, Xueqin Chen, Bing Wang, Minna Zhang, Bing Xia, Shenglin Ma
Surgery of primary non-small cell lung cancer with oligometastasis: analysis of 172 cases
Zhe Wang, Shu-Geng Gao, Qi Xue, Xiao-Tong Guo, Li-Xu Wang, Xin Yu, Yi-Kun Yang, Ju-Wei Mu
A specific subtype of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease classified by forced vital capacity
Chunlan Chen, Ying He, Qiulin Chen, Dongying Zhang, Yuandi Wang, Yanling Tang, Ying Fang, Nanshan Zhong, Wenhua Jian, Jinping Zheng
Total endoscopic repair of atrial septal defect under on-pump beating heart
Yihu Tang, Yanhu Wu, Jinfu Zhu, Xiang Liu, Jinxin Zhou, Haobing Huang, Mingke Li, Yawei Dai, Xu Han
The gender-specific expression of neuropeptide Y and neuropeptide Y receptors in human atrial tissue during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery
Fei Meng, Jie Han, Jiangang Wang, Haibo Zhang, Chunlei Xu, Xu Meng
Impact of examined lymph node counts on survival of patients with stage IA non-small cell lung cancer undergoing sublobar resection
Yang Liu, Jianfei Shen, Liping Liu, Lanlan Shan, Jiaxi He, Qihua He, Long Jiang, Minzhang Guo, Xuewei Chen, Hui Pan, Guilin Peng, Honghui Shi, Limin Ou, Wenhua Liang, Jianxing He
Computational fluid dynamics in the numerical simulation analysis of end-to-side anastomosis for coarctation of the aorta
Fang Yang, Bo Zhai, Li-Gong Hou, Qian Zhang, Jie Wang
Excessive periostin expression and Th2 response in patients with nasal polyps: association with asthma
Yi Wei, Renqiang Ma, Jia Zhang, Xingmei Wu, Guodong Yu, Xianting Hu, Jian Li, Zhuofu Liu, Wendong Ji, Huabin Li, Weiping Wen
Preoperative 3-dimensional computed tomography lung simulation before video-assisted thoracoscopic anatomic segmentectomy for ground glass opacity in lung
Liang Xue, Hong Fan, Woda Shi, Di Ge, Yi Zhang, Qun Wang, Yunfeng Yuan
Improved oxygenation 48 hours after high-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy is associated with good outcome in immunocompromised patients with acute respiratory failure
Yun-Seong Kang, Sun Mi Choi, Jinwoo Lee, Young Sik Park, Chang-Hoon Lee, Chul-Gyu Yoo, Young Whan Kim, Sung Koo Han, Sang-Min Lee
Values of fractional exhaled nitric oxide for cough-variant asthma in children with chronic cough
Jing Zhou, Xianhong Zhao, Xu Zhang, Xingmei Yu, Yuqing Wang, Wujun Jiang, Li Huang, Chuangli Hao, Luo Zhang
Detection of epithelial growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutations on CT images of patients with lung adenocarcinoma using radiomics and/or multi-level residual convolutionary neural networks
Xiao-Yang Li, Jun-Feng Xiong, Tian-Ying Jia, Tian-Le Shen, Run-Ping Hou, Jun Zhao, Xiao-Long Fu
Effectiveness and safety of PD-1/PD-L1 or CTLA4 inhibitors combined with chemotherapy as a first-line treatment for lung cancer: A meta-analysis
Kaikai Shen, Jinggang Cui, Yuqing Wei, Xiaojun Chen, Guohua Liu, Xiaolai Gao, Wei Li, Huiling Lu, Ping Zhan, Tangfeng Lv, Dang Lin
Outcomes of minimally invasive sleeve resection
Raul Caso, Thomas J. Watson, Puja G. Khaitan, M. Blair Marshall
Membrane PD-L1 expression and soluble PD-L1 plasma levels in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis—a pilot study
Dragana Jovanovic, Marina Roksandic Milenkovic, Jelena Kotur Stevuljevic, Jelena Markovic, Vesna Ceriman, Milica Kontic, Vesna Skodric Trifunovic
Occult stage IIIA-N2 patients have excellent overall survival with initial surgery
Min P. Kim, Arlene M. Correa, Wayne L. Hofstetter, Reza J. Mehran, David C. Rice, Jack A. Roth, Ara A. Vaporciyan, Garrett L. Walsh, Jeremy J. Erasmus, Stephen G. Swisher
First-line treatment of patients with advanced or metastatic squamous non-small cell lung cancer: systematic review and network meta-analysis
Lisa M. Hess, Amy M. DeLozier, Fanni Natanegara, Xiaofei Wang, Victoria Soldatenkova, Alan Brnabic, Stephen L. Able, Jacqueline Brown
Cyclosporin A in idiopathic chronic fibrosing interstitial pneumonia without idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Reoto Takei, Machiko Arita, Fumiaki Tokioka, Hiromasa Tachibana, Hironobu Tokumasu, Tadashi Ishida
Age-stratified sex differences in polysomnographic findings and pharyngeal morphology among children with obstructive sleep apnea
Ayako Inoshita, Takatoshi Kasai, Rina Matsuoka, Naoko Sata, Nanako Shiroshita, Fusae Kawana, Mitsue Kato, Katsuhisa Ikeda
Programmed cell death protein-1/programmed death-ligand 1 blockade enhances the antitumor efficacy of adoptive cell therapy against non-small cell lung cancer
Jingyi Chen, Yusong Chen, Fenglan Feng, Cheng Chen, Haikang Zeng, Shuai Wen, Xin Xu, Jianxing He, Jin Li
Neuromuscular electrical stimulation improves exercise capacity in adult patients with chronic lung disease: a meta-analysis of English studies
Haihong Gong, Qinghe Jiang, Dongchao Shen, Jinming Gao
Eighteen years of clinical experience with a modification of the Bentall button technique for total root replacement
Dimos Karangelis, Dimitrios Tzertzemelis, Alexandros A. Demis, Stella Economidou, Matthew Panagiotou
Risk factors of latent tuberculosis infection and immune function in health care workers in Suzhou, China
Cui-Lin Shi, Jun-Chi Xu, Hui Chen, Zhi-Jian Ye, Xin-Nian Chen, Pei-Jun Tang, Li-Ling Ma, Zai-Xiang Tang, Mei-Ying Wu, Ping Xu
Effect of high- versus low-volume saline administration on acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery
Ju Yong Lim, Pil Je Kang, Sung Ho Jung, Suk Jung Choo, Cheol Hyun Chung, Jae Won Lee, Joon Bum Kim
Effect of preoperative low serum albumin on postoperative complications and early mortality in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve replacement
Asmae Gassa, Jan H. Borghardt, Johanna Maier, Kathrin Kuhr, Maximilian Michel, Svenja Ney, Kaveh Eghbalzadeh, Anton Sabashnikov, Tanja Rudolph, Stephan Baldus, Navid Mader, Thorsten Wahlers
Choice of the surgical approach for patients with stage I lung squamous cell carcinoma ≤3 cm
Chunji Chen, Yiyang Wang, Xufeng Pan, Shijie Fu, Yubo Shi, Jun Yang, Rui Wang
Elevated D-dimer increases the risk of dialysis after surgery in patients with Stanford A aortic dissection through the impact of the coagulation system
Lu Han, Lu Dai, Hai-Yang Li, Feng Lan, Wen-Jian Jiang, Hong-Jia Zhang
Incidence and clinical variable inter-relationships of thymic epithelial tumors in northwest China
Xiu-Long Feng, Xue-Bin Lei, Wen-Ting Dong, Lin-Feng Yan, Yong-Kang Xin, Gang-Feng Li, Yong Jing, Shi-Jun Duan, Jie Zhang, Yu-Chuan Hu, Bo Li, Sha-Sha Zhao, Qian Sun, Jin Zhang, Tao Zhang, Dong-Liang Cheng, Guang-Bin Cui, Wen Wang
The impact on mediastinal recurrence based on the number of harvested mediastinal lymph nodes and assessed N2 Stations in patients with stage I invasive lung adenocarcinoma
Chunji Chen, Yiyang Wang, Shijie Fu, Xufeng Pan, Jun Yang, Rui Wang
Platelet mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I variants with benzene poisoning
Dianpeng Wang, Xiangli Yang, Yanfang Zhang, Dafeng Lin, Paimao Li, Zhiming Zhang, Xianqing Huang, Dayong Gu, Jacky Fong-Chuen Loo
The effect of continuous positive airway pressure on pulmonary function may depend on the basal level of forced expiratory volume in 1 second
Annia Schreiber, Sara Surbone, Alberto Malovini, Marco Mancini, Francesca Cemmi, Giancarlo Piaggi, Piero Ceriana, Annalisa Carlucci
Upfront surgery in patients with clinical skip N2 lung cancer based on results of modern radiological examinations
Tomohiro Maniwa, Yasushi Shintani, Jiro Okami, Yoshihisa Kadota, Yukiyasu Takeuchi, Koji Takami, Hideoki Yokouchi, Eiji Kurokawa, Ryu Kanzaki, Yasushi Sakamaki, Hiroyuki Shiono, Teruo Iwasaki, Kiyonori Nishioka, Ken Kodama, Meinoshin Okumura, Thoracic Surgery Study Group of Osaka University (TSSGO)
Comparison of the perioperative outcomes in antero-superior mediastinal tumor resection performed by transcervical resection and video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery
Xin-Sheng Zhu, Nan Song, Nai-Cheng Song, Alan Dart Loon Sihoe, Wen-Xin He, Ming Liu, Ge-Ning Jiang, Peng Zhang
A model based on endoscopic morphology of submucosal esophageal squamous cell carcinoma for determining risk of metastasis on lymph nodes
Lingdun Zhuge, Shengfei Wang, Juntao Xie, Binhao Huang, Difan Zheng, Shanbo Zheng, Hengyu Mao, Arjun Pennathur, Manuel Villa Sanchez, James D. Luketich, Jiaqing Xiang, Haiquan Chen, Jie Zhang
Evaluation of the need for routine feeding jejunostomy for enteral nutrition after esophagectomy
Yuji Akiyama, Takeshi Iwaya, Fumitaka Endo, Haruka Nikai, Kei Sato, Shigeaki Baba, Takehiro Chiba, Toshimoto Kimura, Takeshi Takahara, Hiroyuki Nitta, Koki Otsuka, Masaru Mizuno, Yusuke Kimura, Keisuke Koeda, Akira Sasaki
Altered fibrin clot properties in advanced lung cancer: impact of chemotherapy
Grzegorz Królczyk, Michał Ząbczyk, Grzegorz Czyżewicz, Krzysztof Plens, Shannon Prior, Saulius Butenas, Anetta Undas
Impact of intercostal nerve blocks using liposomal versus standard bupivacaine on length of stay in minimally invasive thoracic surgery patients
Dana A. Dominguez, Sora Ely, Cynthia Bach, Tina Lee, Jeffrey B. Velotta
Application of 3D printing technology to thoracic wall tumor resection and thoracic wall reconstruction
Yi Wu, Na Chen, Zhou Xu, Xiaoqin Zhang, Li Liu, Chunling Wu, Shaoxiang Zhang, Yan Song, Tao Wu, Hongxiang Liu, Meng Tang, Wei Wu
Postoperative pulmonary function changes according to the resected lobe: a 1-year follow-up study of lobectomized patients
Masanori Yokoba, Tsuyoshi Ichikawa, Shinya Harada, Masahito Naito, Yukitoshi Sato, Masato Katagiri
Comparison of cytology, chest computed and positron emission tomography findings in malignant pleural effusion from lung cancer
Clement Brun, Pierre Gay, Michele Cottier, Georgia Karpathiou, Arnaud Patoir, Oliviet Tiffet, Fabrice-Guy Barral, Jean-Michel Vergnon, Marios E. Froudarakis
Predictive factors of postoperative survival among patients with pulmonary neuroendocrine tumor
Yoshinobu Ichiki, Hiroki Matsumiya, Masataka Mori, Masatoshi Kanayama, Yusuke Nabe, Akihiro Taira, Shinji Shinohara, Taiji Kuwata, Masaru Takenaka, Ayako Hirai, Naoko Imanishi, Kazue Yoneda, Hiroshi Noguchi, Shohei Shimajiri, Yoshihisa Fujino, Toshiyuki Nakayama, Fumihiro Tanaka
The role of NF-κB-mediated JNK pathway in cognitive impairment in a rat model of sleep apnea
Fan Liu, Ting-Wei Liu, Jian Kang
Evaluation of lobar lymph node metastasis in non-small cell lung carcinoma using modified total lesion glycolysis
Hitoshi Dejima, Hiroaki Kuroda, Yuko Oya, Noriaki Sakakura, Yoshitaka Inaba, Tsuneo Tamaki, Yasushi Yatabe, Yukinori Sakao
Ventilator-associated events: prevalence and mortality in Japan
Susumu Nakahashi, Hiroshi Imai, Hideaki Imanaka, Shinichiro Ohshimo, Tomoko Satou, Masanori Shima, Masami Yanagisawa, Chizuru Yamashita, Toru Ogura, Tomomi Yamada, Nobuaki Shime, for the VAEs Review Committee in the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine (JSICM)

Original Article of Interventional Pulmonology Corner1

Cone beam computed tomography-guided thin/ultrathin bronchoscopy for diagnosis of peripheral lung nodules: a prospective pilot study
Roberto F. Casal, Mona Sarkiss, Aaron K. Jones, John Stewart, Alda Tam, Horiana B. Grosu, David E. Ost, Carlos A. Jimenez, George A. Eapen

Review Article

Biopsy needles for mediastinal lymph node sampling by endosonography: current knowledge and future perspectives
Sara Colella, Simone Scarlata, Martina Bonifazi, Claudia Ravaglia, Therese Maria Henriette Naur, Riccardo Pela, Paul Frost Clementsen, Stefano Gasparini, Venerino Poletti
Clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and treatment of ischemic mitral regurgitation: a review
Néstor Báez-Ferrer, María Manuela Izquierdo-Gómez, Belén Marí-López, Javier Montoto-López, Amelia Duque-Gómez, Javier García-Niebla, Julio Miranda-Bacallado, Alejandro de la Rosa Hernández, Ignacio Laynez-Cerdeña, Juan Lacalzada-Almeida
Anesthesia and enhanced recovery in subxiphoid video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery
Zhigang Chen, Jason M. Ali, Huan Xu, Lei Jiang, Giuseppe Aresu
Clinical complications during veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxigenation in post-cardiotomy and non post-cardiotomy shock: still the achille’s heel
Valeria Lo Coco, Roberto Lorusso, Giuseppe M. Raffa, Pietro Giorgio Malvindi, Michele Pilato, Gennaro Martucci, Antonio Arcadipane, Kamil Zieliński, Piotr Suwalski, Mariusz Kowalewski


Chinese expert consensus on diagnosis and management of severe asthma
Jiangtao Lin, Dong Yang, Mao Huang, Yongming Zhang, Ping Chen, Shaoxi Cai, Chuntao Liu, Changgui Wu, Kaisheng Yin, Changzheng Wang, Xin Zhou, Nan Su, on behalf of Asthma Workgroup of Chinese Thoracic Society, Chinese Medical Association, and China Asthma Alliance

iMDT Corner

Veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in the surgical management of post-traumatic intrathoracic tracheal transection
Angelo Carretta, Paola Ciriaco, Alessandro Bandiera, Piergiorgio Muriana, Federico Pappalardo, Lars Mikael Broman, Andrea Montisci, Giampiero Negri

News of GARD Section4

Country activities of Global Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Diseases (GARD): focus presentations at the 11th GARD General Meeting, Brussels
Jean Bousquet, Yousser Mohammad, Anna Bedbrook, Teresa To, Rachel McGihon, Cristina Bárbara, Elisabete Melo-Gomes, José Rosado-Pinto, Paula Simão, Francisco George, Antonello Punturieri, James P. Kiley, Elizabete Nunes, Anilsa Cossa, Paulo Camargos, Raphael Stelmach, Alvaro A. Cruz, Marylin Valentin Rostan, Anahí Yañez, Sandra Nora González-Díaz, Marilyn Urrutia-Pereira, Moïses A. Calderon, René Maximiliano Gómez, Zachary German, Vítězslav Kolek, Václav Špičák, Le Thi Tuyet Lan, Suzanne Hurd, Claude Lenfant, Arzu Yorgancioglu, Bilun Gemicioğlu, Banu Ekinci, Zubeyda Ozkan, Bassam Abou Al-Zahab, Ahmad Dmeirieh, Rania Shifa, Hazar Faroun, Aicha AlJaber, Ramsa Halloum, Yassine Fatmeh, Ammar Alzein, Jamal Aloush, Ghazal Dib, Rafea Shaaban, Margarete Arrais, Maria do Céu Teixeira, Cláudia Conceição, Paulo Ferrinho

Short Communication of Air Pollution Section5

A pilot study of blood microRNAs and lung function in young healthy adults with fine particulate matter exposure
Tianyu Zhou, Qing Yu, Chao Sun, Yunxia Wang, Yijue Zhong, Guangfa Wang

Case Report

Rhabdomyoma of the pleura: a case report
Wei Wang, Ying-Ying Gu, Yu-Hong Dong, Ji-Gang Wang, Dong-Liang Lin, Cong-Juan Luo, Li Zhang, Xiao-Bin Ji, Yan Wang
Pushing the limits of reconditioning: extended normothermic lung perfusion in an extended criteria donor
Marco Schiavon, Davide Zampieri, Giuseppe Marulli, Enrico Verderi, Alessandro Rebusso, Giovanni Maria Comacchio, Samuele Nicotra, Monica Loy, Francesca Lunardi, Paolo Feltracco, Fiorella Calabrese, Emanuele Cozzi, Federico Rea
EGFR L747P mutation in one lung adenocarcinoma patient responded to afatinib treatment: a case report
Tong Zhou, Xiaoyue Zhou, Peng Li, Chuang Qi, Yang Ling

Letter to the Editor

Percutaneous coronary intervention equates to placebo procedure in stable angina?
Hai-Long Dai, Xue-Feng Guang, Zhi-Cheng Jing
Invited correspondence on ‘Fissureless fissure-last video-assisted thoracoscopic lobectomy for all lung lobes: a better alternative to decrease the incidence of prolonged air leak?’
Davor Stamenovic
Adjuvant TKIs: still an optimal choice
Si-Yang Liu, Yi-Long Wu
Upfront surgery is essential in selected patients with stage IIIA non-small cell lung cancer
Difan Zheng, Haiquan Chen
Preventing mucus plugging in invasively ventilated intensive care unit patients—routine or personalized care and ‘primum non nocere’
Willemke Stilma, Marcus J. Schultz, Frederique Paulus
Invited letter to the editor on the editorials on “High dose irradiation after pleurectomy/decortication or biopsy for pleural mesothelioma treatment”
Elisabetta Parisi, Antonino Romeo
What is the best strategy program to acquire video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery lobectomy technique?
Duilio Divisi, Gino Zaccagna, Roberto Crisci
Authors’ response: it’s time to consider integrating the degree of pulmonary fissure completeness into a morbidity risk scoring system for video-assisted thoracoscopic pulmonary resections
Shuangjiang Li, Guowei Che
Use of national databases: interpreting treatment outcomes using real-world data
Melanie Subramanian, Benjamin D. Kozower
Is it important to differentiate between peri-procedural myocardial injury and persistent myocardial scar?
Margaret McEntegart, David Corcoran, Colin Berry
Multiple primary lung cancers: clinical and genetic features
Yuntao Nie, Kezhong Chen, Jun Wang
Role of acute kidney injury biomarkers to guide renal replacement therapy initiation, what we learn from EARLY-RRT trial and FST trial?
Nattachai Srisawat, Kamonwan Tangvoraphonkchai, Nuttha Lumlertgul, Kriang Tungsanga, Somchai Eiam-Ong


Erratum to pre-operative use of aspirin in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting: a systematic review and updated meta-analysis
Karla Solo, Shahar Lavi, Tawfiq Choudhury, Janet Martin, Immaculate F. Nevis, Chun Shing Kwok, Rafail A. Kotronias, Natsumi Nishina, Sandro Sponga, Diana Ayan, Nikolaos Tzemos, Mamas A. Mamas, Rodrigo Bagur
Erratum to rhinovirus is associated with severe adult community-acquired pneumonia in China
Keqiang Wang, Wen Xi, Donghong Yang, Yali Zheng, Yaqiong Zhang, Yusheng Chen, Chunliang Yan, Guizhen Tian, Shuchang An, Xiangxin Li, Fucheng An, Juan Du, Ke Hu, Jie Cao, Lili Ren, Fang Huang, Zhancheng Gao


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