Vol 10, No 1 (January 31, 2018): Journal of Thoracic Disease


Not so FAST—let’s not abandon the pediatric focused assessment with sonography in trauma yet
Chris Moore, Rachel Liu
Lung cancer recurrence epigenetic liquid biopsy
Alicia Hulbert, Ignacio Jusue-Torres
Editorial for economic impact of an enhanced recovery pathway for lung resection
Rajat Kumar, James M. Donahue
Temperature and duration targets during post-arrest care: choosing the right prescription for the right patient
John C. Greenwood, Abhishek Bhardwaj, Benjamin S. Abella
Lymph node assessment and survival: we still have work to do
Timothy Tirrell, Mark Onaitis
Prime time for the sweet spot in timing of coronary invasive approach in patients with non-ST elevation myocardial infarction
Eliano P. Navarese, Bernhard Wernly, Michael Lichtenauer, Martino Pepe, Wojciech Wanha, Giuseppe Ferrante, Lara Frediani, Verena Veulemans, Tobias Zeus, Ralf Westenfeld, Christian Jung, Paul A. Gurbel
Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for oligometastatic non-small cell lung cancer
Vivek Verma, Joe Y. Chang
Square peg, round hole? Programmed death-1 inhibitors in epidermal growth factor receptor-mutant non-small cell lung cancer
Justin F. Gainor
Heart-breaking aspirin interruption
Michel Zeitouni, Gilles Montalescot
Why did VALIDATE-SWEDEHEART not validate the results of HORIZONS?
Uwe Zeymer
Lobar or sublobar resection for stage I lung cancer: that is (still) the question!
Alfonso Fiorelli, Domenico Loizzi, Mario Santini
Feeding route or learning route for nutrition in critically ill
Peter J. M. Weijs
Obstructive sleep apnea and chronic kidney disease: open questions on a potential public health problem
Oreste Marrone, Maria R. Bonsignore
Targeted temperature management after cardiac arrest: the longer, the better?
Wulfran Bougouin, Jean-Baptiste Lascarrou, Florence Dumas, Alain Cariou
Personalized surgery for the management of pulmonary metastasis
Jean Yannis Perentes, Matthieu Zellweger, Michel Gonzalez
Higher vs. lower PEEP in ARDS: just one part of the whole
Silvia Coppola, Sara Froio, Davide Chiumello
Expanding role for radiotherapy in metastatic non-small cell lung cancer in the era of targeted therapy and immuno-oncology
Elaine Luterstein, Percy Lee
The quest for immunotherapy in atherosclerosis: CANTOS study, interleukin-1β and vascular inflammation
Valmore Bermúdez, Joselyn Rojas-Quintero, Manuel Velasco
Does VALIDATE-SWEDEHEART invalidate the use of bivalirudin in myocardial infarction?
Caroline Ong, Sripal Bangalore
Cardiovascular events after discontinuation of low-dose aspirin
Manan Pareek, Steen D. Kristensen, Erik L. Grove
The significance of pathological extracapsular vs. intracapsular lymph node involvement in patients with resectable esophageal cancer after neoadju-vant therapy
Puja Gaur Khaitan, Thomas J. Watson
New individualized strategy instructs cryoballoon energy ablation
Wei-Dong Lin, Xian-Hong Fang, Yu-Mei Xue, Hong-Tao Liao
Is there still a role for alveolar recruitment maneuvers in acute respiratory distress syndrome?
Richard H. Kallet, Michael S. Lipnick
Lung protection in patients undergoing pulmonary lobectomy: a new perspective for remote ischemic conditioning in surgery?
Fabrice Prunier, Delphine Mirebeau-Prunier
A perspective on the Society of Thoracic Surgeons Composite Score for evaluating esophagectomy for esophageal cancer
Shuyin Liang, James D. Luketich, Inderpal S. Sarkaria
Remote ischaemic preconditioning of the lung: from bench to bedside—are we there yet?
Nina C. Weber, Coert J. Zuurbier, Markus W. Hollmann
The enigma of the weekend effect
Anoop Mathew, Saad Ahmed Fyyaz, Paul Richard Carter, Rahul Potluri
J-ALEX trial will crown alectinib as the standard choice for anaplastic lymphoma kinase positive untreated non-small cell lung cancer patients?
Cesare Gridelli, Francesca Casaluce, Assunta Sgambato, Giovanni Palazzolo, Paolo Maione
Examining the paradox of high high-density lipoprotein and elevated cardiovascular risk
Kavisha Singh, Anand Rohatgi
Perspectives on oligometastasis: challenges and opportunities
Jana Heitmann, Matthias Guckenberger
Ridinilazole—a novel antibiotic for treatment of Clostridium difficile infection
Niels Steinebrunner, Wolfgang Stremmel, Karl H. Weiss
Editorial on “Growth patterns of pulmonary metastases: should we adjust resection techniques to primary histology and size?”
Stefano M. M. Basso, Sandro C. Sulfaro, Paolo Ubial
The role of loop gain in predicting upper airway surgical outcomes—what do we know?
Raichel Alex, Gino Panza, Jason H. Mateika
Breaking the dose ceiling: proton therapy for locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer
J. Isabelle Choi, Charles B. Simone II
The 25th birthday and premature death of the open lung approach?—from science, through art, towards precision medicine
Thomas Bein, Marcus J. Schultz
Ablative therapy in oligometastatic non-small cell lung cancer—an editorial on recent evidence
Mark Niglas, Patrick Cheung
Malapposed, uncovered, underexpanded—intravascular imaging lessons on coronary stent thrombosis
Nader Mankerious, Jonathon Micha, Sebastian Kufner
Non-intubated uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for carinal sleeve resection—is surgical process almost completed?
Dominik Herrmann, Jan Volmerig, Erich Hecker

Original Article

Identification of the key transcription factors in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Yuefeng Zhang, Yanzhao Xu, Zhenhua Li, Yonggang Zhu, Shiwang Wen, Mingbo Wang, Huilai Lv, Fan Zhang, Ziqiang Tian
Validation of the T descriptor in the new 8th TNM classification for non-small cell lung cancer
Hee Suk Jung, Jin Gu Lee, Chang Young Lee, Dae Joon Kim, Kyung Young Chung
Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid microbiota dysbiosis in infants with protracted bacterial bronchitis
Yanmin Bao, Yinhu Li, Chuangzhao Qiu, Wenjian Wang, Zhenyu Yang, Lu Huang, Xin Feng, Yanhong Liu, Jing Li, Qian Zhou, Heping Wang, Dongfang Li, Hongmei Wang, Wenkui Dai, Yuejie Zheng
Evaluation of the 95% limits of agreement of the volumes of 5-year clinically stable solid nodules for the development of a follow-up system for indeterminate solid nodules in CT lung cancer screening
Ryutaro Kakinuma, Yukio Muramatsu, Junta Yamamichi, Shiho Gomi, Estanislao Oubel, Noriyuki Moriyama
Correlation of bispectral index and Richmond agitation sedation scale for evaluating sedation depth: a retrospective study
Junbo Zheng, Yang Gao, Xiaoyu Xu, Kai Kang, Haitao Liu, Hongliang Wang, Kaijiang Yu
Three-dimensional computed tomography reconstruction for operative planning in robotic segmentectomy: a pilot study
Julien Le Moal, Christophe Peillon, Jean-Nicolas Dacher, Jean-Marc Baste
PTEN gene silencing contributes to airway remodeling and induces airway smooth muscle cell proliferation in mice with allergic asthma
Xin Wen, Jing Yan, Xin-Rui Han, Gui-Hong Zheng, Ran Tang, Li-Fang Liu, Dong-Mei Wu, Jun Lu, Yuan-Lin Zheng
In vitro effects of N-acetylcysteine alone and combined with tigecycline on planktonic cells and biofilms of Acinetobacter baumannii
Jinlun Feng, Baomo Liu, Junwen Xu, Qinqin Wang, Lixia Huang, Weijun Ou, Jincui Gu, Jian Wu, Shaoli Li, Chao Zhuo, Yanbin Zhou
A pooled analysis of advanced nonsquamous non-small cell lung cancer patients with stable treated brain metastases in two phase II trials receiving bevacizumab and pemetrexed as second-line therapy
Matthew A. Gubens, Jody C. Chuang, Wallace Akerley, Corey J. Langer, Christelle Clément- Duchêne, Melanie San Pedro-Salcedo, A. Dimitrios Colevas, Konstantin Dragnev, Mark A. Socinski, Heather A. Wakelee
Long-term quality of life after endovac-therapy in anastomotic leakages after esophagectomy
Nils Heits, Alexander Bernsmeier, Benedikt Reichert, Charlotte Hauser, Alexander Hendricks, Dana Seifert, Florian Richter, Clemens Schafmayer, Mark Ellrichmann, Bodo Schniewind, Jochen Hampe, Thomas Becker, Jan-Hendrik Egberts
Manual aspiration in the biopsy-side down position to deal with delayed pneumothorax after lung biopsy
Li-Chuan Zeng, Han-Feng Yang, Xiao-Xue Xu, Ming-Guo Xie, Hua-Qiang Liao, Yu-Dong Zhang, Qu Wang, Yong Du
Clarithromycin mitigates radiation pneumonitis in patients with lung cancer treated with stereotactic body radiotherapy
Atsuya Takeda, Yuichiro Tsurugai, Naoko Sanuki, Tatsuji Enomoto, Masaharu Shinkai, Tomikazu Mizuno, Yousuke Aoki, Yohei Oku, Takeshi Akiba, Yu Hara, Etsuo Kunieda
Pulmonary embolism concurrent with lung cancer and central emboli predict mortality in patients with lung cancer and pulmonary embolism
Seung-Ick Cha, Kyung-Min Shin, Jae-Kwang Lim, Seung-Soo Yoo, Shin-Yup Lee, Jaehee Lee, Chang-Ho Kim, Jae-Yong Park, Won-Kee Lee, Chi-Young Jung
Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio as a prognostic marker in acute respiratory distress syndrome patients: a retrospective study
Ying Wang, Mohan Ju, Cuicui Chen, Dong Yang, Dongni Hou, Xinjun Tang, Xiaodan Zhu, Donghui Zhang, Lilin Wang, Shimeng Ji, Jinjun Jiang, Yuanlin Song
Assessment of the mitral valve coaptation zone with 2D and 3D transesophageal echocardiography before and after mitral valve repair
Yong Guo, Yihua He, Ye Zhang, Shuping Ge, Lin Sun, Wenxu Liu, Jiancheng Han, Xiaoyan Gu
Video-assisted thoracic surgery for thymoma: long-term follow-up results and prognostic factors—single-center experience of 150 cases
Jian-Feng Li, Ben-Gang Hui, Xiao Li, Rong-Xin Xiao, Guan-Chao Jiang, Jun Liu, Jun Wang
Positive correlation between postoperative tumor recur-rence and changes in circulating tumor cell counts in pul-monary venous blood (pvCTC) during surgical manipulation in non-small cell lung cancer
Masaki Hashimoto, Fumihiro Tanaka, Kazue Yoneda, Teruhisa Takuwa, Seiji Matsumoto, Yoshitomo Okumura, Nobuyuki Kondo, Tohru Tsujimura, Takashi Nakano, Seiki Hasegawa
Clinical applications of virtual navigation bronchial intervention
Naohiro Kajiwara, Sachio Maehara, Junichi Maeda, Masaru Hagiwara, Tetsuya Okano, Masatoshi Kakihana, Tatsuo Ohira, Norihiko Kawate, Norihiko Ikeda
Pulmonary metastasectomy in sarcoma—experiences with laser- assisted resection
Severin Schmid, Uyen-Thao Le, Christoph Zeisel, Benedikt Haager, Bernward Passlick
Independent long-term result of robotic thymectomy for myasthenia gravis, a single center experience
Dong-Tao Yin, Ling Huang, Bing Han, Xiu Chen, Shi-Min Yin, Wen Zhou, Jian Chu, Tao Liang, Tian-Yang Yun, Yang Liu
National adoption of video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) lobectomy: the Italian VATS register evaluation
Duilio Divisi, Luca Bertolaccini, Mirko Barone, Dario Amore, Desideria Argnani, Gino Zaccagna, Piergiorgio Solli, Gaetano Di Rienzo, Carlo Curcio, Roberto Crisci, Italian VATS Group
High blood neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio associated with poor outcomes in miliary tuberculosis
Yeji Han, Soo Jung Kim, Su Hwan Lee, Yun Su Sim, Yon Ju Ryu, Jung Hyun Chang, Sung Shin Shim, Yookyung Kim, Jin Hwa Lee
Comparison of closed-chest drainage with rib resection closed drainage for treatment of chronic tuberculous empyema
Yong Fang, Heping Xiao, Wei Sha, Haili Hu, Xiaofang You
Effect of chest tube size on pleurodesis efficacy in malignant pleural effusion: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Inderpal Thethi, Shokufeh Ramirez, Wei Shen, Dingding Zhang, Maha Mohamad, Upendra Kaphle, Fayez Kheir
Superior vena cava replacement combined with venovenous shunt for lung cancer and thymoma: a case series
Wei Dai, Jifu Dong, Hongwei Zhang, Xiaojun Yang, Qiang Li
The management of chemical pleurodesis with viscum album in patients with persistent air leakage
Jae Bum Park, Song Am Lee, Woo Surng Lee, Yo Han Kim, Jae Joon Hwang
Deep sternal wound infection after cardiac surgery: a comparison of three different wound infection types and an analysis of antibiotic resistance
Jia-Gui Ma, Jian-Xiong An
Prognostic significance of histologic classification and tumor disappearance rate by computed tomography in lung cancer
Dohun Kim, Hong Kwan Kim, Seok-Hyung Kim, Ho Yun Lee, Jong Ho Cho, Yong Soo Choi, Kwhanmien Kim, Jhingook Kim, Jae Ill Zo, Young Mog Shim
Aberrant status and clinicopathologic characteristic associations of 11 target genes in 1,321 Chinese patients with lung adenocarcinoma
Mengnan Zhao, Cheng Zhan, Ming Li, Xiaodong Yang, Xinyu Yang, Yong Zhang, Miao Lin, Yifeng Xia, Mingxiang Feng, Qun Wang
MicroRNA expression profile in primary lung cancer cells lines obtained by endobronchial ultrasound transbronchial needle aspiration
Juliana Guarize, Fabrizio Bianchi, Elena Marino, Elena Belloni, Manuela Vecchi, Stefano Donghi, Giorgio Lo Iacono, Chiara Casadio, Roberto Cuttano, Massimo Barberis, Pier Paolo Di Fiore, Francesco Petrella, Lorenzo Spaggiari
Presence of pleural adhesions can predict conversion to thoracotomy and postoperative surgical complications in patients undergoing video-assisted thoracoscopic lung cancer lobectomy
Shuang-Jiang Li, Kun Zhou, Yan-Ming Wu, Ming-Ming Wang, Cheng Shen, Zhi-Qiang Wang, Guo-Wei Che, Lun-Xu Liu
Sarcopenia is a predictor of outcomes after lobectomy
James A. Miller, Kassem Harris, Charles Roche, Samjot Dhillon, Athar Battoo, Todd Demmy, Chukwumere E. Nwogu, Elisabeth U. Dexter, Mark Hennon, Anthony Picone, Kristopher Attwood, Sai Yendamuri
Risk factors and methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene in congenital heart disease
Lina Wang, Bo Yang, Shiyuan Zhou, Huafang Gao, Fengyu Wang, Jiping Zhou, Haili Wang, Yanli Wang
Esophageal cancer in elderly patients: a population-based study
Yuan Zeng, Wenhua Liang, Jun Liu, Jiaxi He, Calvin S. H. Ng, Chia-Chuan Liu, René Horsleben Petersen, Gaetano Rocco, Thomas D’Amico, Alessandro Brunelli, Haiquan Chen, Xiuyi Zhi, Xiao Dong, Wei Wang, Fei Cui, Dakai Xiao, Wenjun Wang, Wei Yang, Hui Pan, Jianxing He, written on behalf of the AME Thoracic Surgery Collaborative Group
Predicting malignancy of pulmonary ground-glass nodules and their invasiveness by random forest
Xueyan Mei, Rui Wang, Wenjia Yang, Fangfei Qian, Xiaodan Ye, Li Zhu, Qunhui Chen, Baohui Han, Timothy Deyer, Jingyi Zeng, Xiaomeng Dong, Wen Gao, Wentao Fang

Visualized Surgery

Four arms robotic-assisted pulmonary resection—right lower/middle lobectomy: how to do it
Alessandro Pardolesi, Luca Bertolaccini, Jury Brandolini, Filippo Tommaso Gallina, Pierluigi Novellis, Giulia Veronesi, Piergiorgio Solli

Case Report of Interventional Pulmonology Corner1

Diagnostic and therapeutic challenges in managing persistent air leaks
Alberto Revelo, Sevak Keshishyan, Oleg Epelbaum, Saman Yaghoubian, Lawrence DeLorenzo, Dipak Chandy, Francis Carroll, Lisa Paul, Kassem Harris

ECG Pearls2

The J-waves of hypothermia
Panagiotis Mililis, George Bazoukis, Athanasios Bakalakos, Konstantinos P. Letsas

Editorial of GARD Section4

Global Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Diseases (GARD) Brazil success case: overcoming barriers
Alvaro A. Cruz, Paulo A. Camargos, Marilyn Urrutia-Pereira, Rafael Stelmach

Case Report

An adult case of plastic bronchitis: a rare and multifactorial disease
Matteo Coen, Laurent Daniel, Jacques Serratrice
Concurrent thymic carcinoma and middle lobe syndrome
Xi Zheng, Yue Huang, Junhe Gou, Daxing Zhu, Qinghua Zhou
Interrupted right-sided aortic arch: performance of umbilical xenograft after primary neonatal corrective surgery
Jasmin H. Shahinian, Daniel Tobler, Thomas Wolff, Martin Grapow
Massive pericardial effusion after Nuss procedure: to drain or not to drain?
Peter S. Y. Yu, Vikki W. K. Ng, Rainbow W. H. Lau, Calvin S. H. Ng
Unusual cardiac paraganglioma mimicking an atypical carcinoid tumor of the lung
Dean Spencer, Mark Evans, Beverly Wang, J. Lawrence Delrosario, Timmy Cheng, Jeffrey Milliken
Approach to resection of sternoclavicular tumor abutting the common carotid artery in irradiated field
Juan A. Muñoz-Largacha, Jaromir Slama, Jeffrey Kalish, Scharukh Jalisi, Virginia R. Litle, Kei Suzuki
Pneumatosis intestinalis after lung transplantation for pulmonary graft-versus-host disease
Kumi Mesaki, Seiichiro Sugimoto, Shinji Otani, Takeshi Kurosaki, Kentaroh Miyoshi, Masaomi Yamane, Takahiro Oto
Report of a lung carcinoma extended to the left atrium through pulmonary vein
Federico Cipriano, Lycio U. Dessoti, Alfredo José Rodrigues, Walter Vilella de Andrade Vicente, Fernando Chahud, Paulo Roberto B. Evora
Identifying interlobar fissure in a Craig grade 4 fissureless patient by near-infrared thoracoscopy
Hao Li, Jian Zhou, Fan Yang, Jun Wang
Fan-shaped ground-glass opacity (GGO) as a premonitory sign of pulmonary infarction: a case report
Tsutomu Shinohara, Keishi Naruse, Norihiko Hamada, Takashi Yamasaki, Nobuo Hatakeyama, Fumitaka Ogushi
Systemic air embolism after computed tomography-guided hook wire localization: two case reports and literature review
Jung Hoon Yi, Pil Jo Choi, Jung Hee Bang, Sang Seok Jeong, Joo Hyun Cho
Missed diagnosis of esophageal leiomyoma leading to esophagectomy: a case report and review of literatures
Qi-Xin Shang, Yu-Shang Yang, Wen-Ping Wang, Wei-Peng Hu, Long-Qi Chen
Hydroxychloroquine-induced cardiomyopathy and heart failure in twins
Hang Zhao, Joyce Wald, Michael Palmer, Yuchi Han
Two cases of “stone heart” with fatal outcome
Mathias Hald, Jesper Hønge, Rolf Porskjær Dall, Signe Holm Larsen


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