Vol 8, No 11 (November 16, 2016): Journal of Thoracic Disease


Stereotactic body radiotherapy in the era of radiotherapy with immunotherapy
Xiaolin Ge, Hongcheng Zhu, Wangshu Dai, Xinchen Sun
Targeting tumorigenicity of breast cancer stem-like cells using combination epigenetic therapy: something old and something new
Yi Huang, Nancy E. Davidson
High-density lipoprotein: quantity or quality?
Konstantinos Tziomalos
High density lipoproteins and kidney function: the friend turned foe?
Lina Badimon, Gemma Vilahur, Judit Cubedo
Precision medicine in early breast cancer—can this apply to radiotherapy?
Samuel G. W. Ow, Soo-Chin Lee
The statin therapy to prevent atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery: Shakespearean dilemma
Simone Calcagno, Rocco E. Stio, Massimo Mancone, Annalisa Pasquini, Erika Cavallo, Gennaro Sardella
Precision medicine in lung cancer: the battle continues
Saiama N. Waqar, Daniel Morgensztern
Simple congenital heart disease: a complex challenge for public health
Edward Buratto, Xin-Tao Ye, Igor E. Konstantinov
Sequencing ALK inhibitors: alectinib in crizotinib-resistant patients, a phase 2 trial by Shaw et al.
Laura Mezquita, Benjamin Besse
Thymectomy for myasthenia gravis: what we know and what we don’t
Carlos E. Bravo-Iñiguez, Michael T. Jaklitsch
The ongoing debate regarding optimal nutritional routes following esophagectomy
Ariel W. Knight, Shanda H. Blackmon
Current therapy of Eisenmenger syndrome
Minsu Kim, Wook-Jin Chung
Acute severe illness in diabetes patients: is tolerating hyperglycemia beneficial?
Jan Gunst, Greet Van den Berghe
Ticagrelor and heart surgery controversy: we may have better antiplatelet options
Victor Serebruany, Naida Bulaeva, Elena Golukhova
Low dose dexmedetomidine for the prophylaxis of perioperative ICU delirium—how much evidence is enough?
Michael C. Reade
Dexmedetomidine: magic bullet or firing blanks?
Daniel Sellers, George Djaiani
Choosing between percutaneous coronary intervention and coronary artery bypass graft surgery for nondiabetic patients with multivessel disease
Aeshita Dwivedi, Sripal Bangalore
To complete, or not to complete, that is the question of revascularization in percutaneous coronary intervention with drug-eluting stents for multivessel disease
Hisato Takagi, Tomo Ando, Takuya Umemoto, for the ALICE (All-Literature Investigation of Cardiovascular Evidence) group
Routine total-body CT for trauma room patients—life saver or needless radiation exposure?
Sebastian Wutzler, Ingo Marzi
Angiopoietin-2: marker or mediator of angiogenesis in continuous-flow left ventricular assist device patients?
Lauren K. Truby, Veli K. Topkara
Commentary on ‘Totally Endoscopic (VATS) First Rib Resection for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome’
Cornelis G. Vos, Çağdaş Ünlü, Jean-Paul PM de Vries
The “N”—factor in non-small cell lung cancer: staging system and institutional reports
Ottavio Rena
PD-L1 expression in lung cancer
Chad Tang, Joe Y. Chang
In-stent restenosis and thrombosis due to metal hypersensitivity: implications for Kounis syndrome
Ioanna Koniari, Nicholas G. Kounis, George Hahalis
Esmolol in septic shock: old pathophysiological concepts, an old drug, perhaps a new hemodynamic strategy in the right patient
Andrea Morelli, Filippo Sanfilippo, Salvatore Mario Romano

Original Article

Overexpression of farnesoid X receptor in small airways contributes to epithelial to mesenchymal transition and COX-2 expression in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Bi Chen, Wen-Jie You, Shan Xue, Hui Qin, Xu-Ji Zhao, Miao Zhang, Xue-Qing Liu, Shu-Yang Zhu, Han-Dong Jiang
The comparison between novel and traditional three-dimensional image system in thoracoscopy: glasses-less vs. glass
Jiaxi He, Keng Long Ang, Zhexue Hao, Jianfei Shen, Hui Pan, Jingpei Li, Jianxing He
Nanoparticle-mediated arresten gene inhibits neointimal formation of vein grafts: an experimental research
Rong-Fei Wang, Qing-Yi Meng
Comparison of outcomes of tricuspid annuloplasty with 3D-rigid versus flexible prosthetic ring for functional tricuspid regurgitation secondary to rheumatic mitral valve disease
Haiping Wang, Xiancheng Liu, Xin Wang, Zhenqian Lv, Xiaojun Liu, Ping Xu
Real-world asthma management with inhaler devices in Switzerland—results of the asthma survey
Christian F. Clarenbach, Laurent P. Nicod, Malcolm Kohler
Thoracoscopic anterior ‘fissure first’ technique for left lung cancer with an incomplete fissure
Joji Samejima, Mingyon Mun, Yosuke Matsuura, Masayuki Nakao, Hirofumi Uehara, Ken Nakagawa, Munetaka Masuda, Sakae Okumura
Comparison of radial endobronchial ultrasound with a guide sheath and with distance by thin bronchoscopy for the diagnosis of peripheral pulmonary lesions: a prospective randomized crossover trial
Su-Juan Zhang, Ming Zhang, Jun Zhou, Qiu-Di Zhang, Qian-Qian Xu, Xiong Xu
Relationship between polycythemia and in-hospital mortality in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients with low-risk pulmonary embolism
Lu Guo, Aamer Rasheed Chughtai, Hongli Jiang, Lingyun Gao, Yan Yang, Yang Yang, Yuejian Liu, Zhenliang Xie, Weimin Li
Mapping patterns of nodal metastases in esophageal carcinoma: rethinking the clinical target volume for supraclavicular nodal irradiation
Yijun Luo, Yuhui Liu, Xiaoli Wang, Bin Zhang, Jinming Yu, Chengang Wang, Yong Huang, Minghuan Li
Diagnostic performance of core needle biopsy in identifying breast phyllodes tumors
Zhi-Rui Zhou, Chen-Chen Wang, Xiang-Jie Sun, Zhao-Zhi Yang, Xiao-Li Yu, Xiao-Mao Guo
Cough frequency monitors: can they discriminate patient from environmental coughs?
Stefan T. Kulnik, Natalie M. Williams, Lalit Kalra, John Moxham, Surinder S. Birring
Pulmonary function test findings in patients with acute inhalation injury caused by smoke bombs
Lu Cao, Xin-Gang Zhang, Jian-Guo Wang, Han-Bin Wang, Yi-Bing Chen, Da-Hui Zhao, Wen-Fang Shi, Li-Xin Xie
A simple weighted scoring system to guide surgical decision-making in patients with parapneumonic pleural effusion
Che-Chia Chang, Tzu-Ping Chen, Chi-Hsiao Yeh, Pin-Fu Huang, Yao-Chang Wang, Shun-Ying Yin
The impact of smoking status on radiologic tumor progression patterns and response to epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)-tyrosine kinase inhibitors in lung adenocarcinoma with activating EGFR mutations
Yoon Ki Cha, Ho Yun Lee, Myung-Ju Ahn, Keunchil Park, Jin Seok Ahn, Jong-Mu Sun, Yoon-La Choi, Kyung Soo Lee
Left thoracotomy for middle or lower thoracic esophageal carcinoma: still Sweet enough?
Zhi-Qiang Wang, Wen-Ping Wang, Yong Yuan, Yang Hu, Jun Peng, Yun-Cang Wang, Long-Qi Chen
Clinicopathological and prognostic significance of programmed cell death ligand 1 (PD-L1) expression in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: a meta-analysis
Hai-Xia Qu, Li-Ping Zhao, Shu-Hui Zhan, Chang-Xin Geng, Lin Xu, Yong-Ning Xin, Xiang-Jun Jiang
White light, autofluorescence and narrow-band imaging bronchoscopy for diagnosing airway pre-cancerous and early cancer lesions: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Jianrong Zhang, Jieyu Wu, Yujing Yang, Hua Liao, Zhiheng Xu, Lindsey Tristine Hamblin, Long Jiang, Lieven Depypere, Keng Leong Ang, Jiaxi He, Ziyan Liang, Jun Huang, Jingpei Li, Qihua He, Wenhua Liang, Jianxing He
Postoperative predictors of ipsilateral and contralateral recurrence in patients with primary spontaneous pneumothorax
Ying-Yi Chen, Hsu-Kai Huang, Hung Chang, Shih-Chun Lee, Tsai-Wang Huang
A novel surgical method for acquired non-malignant complicated tracheoesophageal and bronchial-gastric stump fistula: the “double patch” technique
Guang Yang, Wei-Miao Li, Jin-Bo Zhao, Jian Wang, Yun-Feng Ni, Yong-An Zhou, Yong Han, Xiao-Fei Li, Xiao-Long Yan
Characteristics of cardiothoracic surgeons practicing at the top-ranked US institutions
Carlo Maria Rosati, Leonidas G. Koniaris, Daniela Molena, David Blitzer, Katherine W. Su, Mohammad Tahboub, Panos N. Vardas, Leonard N. Girardi, Mario Gaudino
Shifted focus of bronchoalveolar lavage in patients with suspected thoracic malignancy: an analysis of 224 patients
Xin Zhang, Yukun Kuang, Yuan Zhang, Kai He, Noah Lechtzin, Mingying Zeng, Rex C. Yung, Canmao Xie
Relationship between survival and age in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
So-My Koo, Soo-Taek Uh, Dong Soon Kim, Young Whan Kim, Man Pyo Chung, Choon Sik Park, Sung Hwan Jeong, Yong Bum Park, Hong Lyeol Lee, Jong Wook Shin, Eun Joo Lee, Jin Hwa Lee, Yangin Jegal, Hyun Kyung Lee, Yong Hyun Kim, Jin Woo Song, Moo Suk Park, Young Hwangbo
Lobectomy and limited resection in small-sized peripheral nonsmall cell lung cancer
Terumoto Koike, Teruaki Koike, Seijiro Sato, Takehisa Hashimoto, Tadashi Aoki, Katsuo Yoshiya, Yasushi Yamato, Takehiro Watanabe, Kohei Akazawa, Shin-Ichi Toyabe, Masanori Tsuchida, for the Niigata Chest Surgery Research Group
Risk factors and outcome of primary graft dysfunction after lung transplantation in Korea
Sungwoo Moon, Moo Suk Park, Jin Gu Lee, Ji Ye Jung, Young Ae Kang, Young Sam Kim, Se Kyu Kim, Joon Chang, Hyo Chae Paik, Song Yee Kim
Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) versus sutureless aortic valve replacement (SUAVR) for aortic stenosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of matched studies
Nelson Wang, Yi-Chin Tsai, Natasha Niles, Vakhtang Tchantchaleishvili, Marco Di Eusanio, Tristan D. Yan, Kevin Phan
Association between post-sternotomy tracheostomy and deep sternal wound infection: a retrospective analysis
Yi-Chin Tsai, Kevin Phan, Andrie Stroebel, Livia Williams, Lisa Nicotra, Lesley Drake, Elizabeth Ryan, James McGree, Peter Tesar, Kiran Shekar
The application of autologous pulmonary artery in surgical correction of complicated aortic arch anomaly
Shusheng Wen, Jianzheng Cen, Jimei Chen, Gang Xu, Biaochuan He, Yun Teng, Jian Zhuang
Performance of a lateral flow immunochromatography test for the rapid diagnosis of active tuberculosis in a large multicentre study in areas with different clinical settings and tuberculosis exposure levels
Selene Manga, Rocio Perales, Maria Reaño, Lia D’Ambrosio, Giovanni Battista Migliori, Massimo Amicosante
Elevated HOTAIR expression associated with cisplatin resistance in non-small cell lung cancer patients
Ming-Yue Liu, Xi-Qing Li, Tian-Hui Gao, Yao Cui, Ning Ma, Yun Zhou, Guo-Jun Zhang

Surgical Technique

Tracheal suspension by using 3-dimensional printed personalized scaffold in a patient with tracheomalacia
Lijun Huang, Lei Wang, Jiankang He, Jinbo Zhao, Daixing Zhong, Guanying Yang, Ting Guo, Xiaolong Yan, Lixiang Zhang, Dichen Li, Tiesheng Cao, Xiaofei Li

Review Article

The role of bronchoscopy in the diagnosis of early lung cancer: a review
Marco Andolfi, Rossella Potenza, Rosanna Capozzi, Valeria Liparulo, Francesco Puma, Kazuhiro Yasufuku
Did dose escalated radiotherapy in stage III non-small cell lung cancer improve overall survival?
Wei-Wei Wang, Shao-Jia Wang, Zhi-Rui Zhou
Techniques of endoscopic airway tumor treatment
Nicolas Guibert, Laurent Mhanna, Sylvain Droneau, Gavin Plat, Alain Didier, Julien Mazieres, Christophe Hermant
Phyllodes tumors of the breast: diagnosis, treatment and prognostic factors related to recurrence
Zhi-Rui Zhou, Chen-Chen Wang, Zhao-Zhi Yang, Xiao-Li Yu, Xiao-Mao Guo
Tracheal and bronchial stenoses and other obstructive conditions
Claudia Schweiger, Aliza P. Cohen, Michael J. Rutter
Clinical management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients with muscle dysfunction
Joaquim Gea, Carme Casadevall, Sergi Pascual, Mauricio Orozco-Levi, Esther Barreiro
Tracheobronchial tumors
Ruza Stevic, Branislava Milenkovic
The non-intubated anesthesia for airway surgery
Katsuhiro Okuda, Ryoichi Nakanishi
The role bronchoscopy in the diagnosis of airway disease in children
Tutku Soyer
Is internal mammary nodes irradiation as a part of breast cancer postoperative radiotherapy necessary?
Zhi-Rui Zhou, Zhao-Zhi Yang, Xiao-Li Yu, Xiao-Mao Guo
Practical anesthetic considerations in patients undergoing tracheobronchial surgeries: a clinical review of current literature
Sanchit Ahuja, Barak Cohen, Jochen Hinkelbein, Pierre Diemunsch, Kurt Ruetzler
The anesthesia of trachea and bronchus surgery
Zehra Hatipoglu, Mediha Turktan, Alper Avci
Update in the extraction of airway foreign bodies in adults
Montserrat Blanco Ramos, Maribel Botana-Rial, Eva García-Fontán, Alberto Fernández-Villar, Mercedes Gallas Torreira

Statistic Corner1

Survival analyses in lung cancer
Kari Chansky, Dragan Subotic, Nathan R. Foster, Torsten Blum
Nanos gigantium humeris insidentes: the awarded Cox proportional hazards model
Luca Bertolaccini, Alessandro Pardolesi, Fabio Davoli, Piergiorgio Solli


More challenges around sepsis: definitions and diagnosis
Emma Joynes
The kinome pathways in radioresistance breast cancer stem cells
AbdulFattah Fararjeh, Yuan-Soon Ho
MicroRNA and hyperglycemic memory in the diabetic heart
Shinji Ogawa, Yasuhide Okawa,, Koshi Sawada, Yoshihiro Goto, Soh Hosoba, Syunsuke Fukaya
Rac1 is a potential target to circumvent radioresistance
Wen-Ling Wang, Wei-Chien Huang
Feeding after pancreaticoduodenectomy: enteral, or parenteral, that is the question
Emanuele Cereda, Riccardo Caccialanza, Carlo Pedrolli
Mean platelet volume: ready for prime time?
Tomás Benito-González, Rodrigo Estévez-Loureiro
Understanding the cancer/tumor biology from 2D to 3D
Yufeng Zhou
The use of electron microscopy for the diagnosis of malignant pleural mesothelioma
Amedeo Ferlosio, Augusto Orlandi
Semi-automated volumetric analysis in the NELSON trial for lung cancer screening: is there room for diagnostic experience yet?
Giuseppe Bronte, Christian Rolfo
Completeness of revascularization in multivessel coronary artery disease
Yader Sandoval, Emmanouil S. Brilakis, Santiago Garcia
Treatment dilemma in the care of older adults with advanced lung cancer
Ajeet Gajra, Ankit Anand, Kah Poh Loh, Supriya Mohile
New strategies in esophageal carcinoma: promises and problems
Zhaohui Xiong, Jingxi He, Xiaoxin Luke Chen
Would decompressive craniectomy really bring the hope to severe traumatic brain injury?
Hua-Wei Huang, Guo-Bin Zhang, Jian-Xin Zhou
Nephroprotective strategies in septic shock: the VANISH trial
Sophia Kwon, George Crowley, Syed Hissam Haider, Liqun Zhang, Anna Nolan
Limited resection versus lobectomy in early-stage non-small cell lung cancer
Paul A. Toste, Jay M. Lee
ASCENDing the anaplastic lymphoma kinase ladder: a tale of two C-nibs
Prabhat Singh Malik, Navneet Singh
Are there any differences in genomic characterization of non-small cell lung cancer between African Americans and Whites?
Ikuo Sekine
A potential new therapeutic option for patients with advanced EGFR mutation-positive non-small cell lung cancer in first-line setting
Cesare Gridelli, Tania Losanno
Whole brain radiotherapy for brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer: the end of an era?
Anna M. E. Bruynzeel, Frank J. Lagerwaard
Paradoxical functions of ZEB1 in EGFR-mutant lung cancer: tumor suppressor and driver of therapeutic resistance
Zachary A. Yochum, Mark A. Socinski, Timothy F. Burns


1. The series “Statistics Corner” was commissioned by the Editorial office, Journal of Thoracic Disease without any sponsorship or funding. Luca Bertolaccini served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.